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By combining ScriptMed's technology tool set, service center and robust reporting offerings, payers can improve patient care, outcomes and spend on high cost treatments. Solutions include: Prior Authorization, Referral Processing, Care Management, Provider Collaboration, and Specialty Insourcing.

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ScriptMed Specialty Pharmacy


For the health plan that wishes to increase its control of the Specialty Pharmacy budget and improve the management of patients meeting criteria for specialty medications the ScriptMed HUB solution is the answer. This solution enables intelligent coordination of specialty patients across a network of various pharmacy dispensing facilities.
ScriptMed enables payers to administer complex prior authorizations, manage advanced patient care programs, simplifies Specialty Pharmacy handling for referral sources, and enables new and unique contracting opportunities with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

ScriptMed SP Insource

For the health plan that employs a strategy to insource Specialty Pharmacy operations, the full suite of ScriptMed Specialty Pharmacy software and services will provide a turnkey solution. Built with end-to-end functionality for high volume specialty pharmacies, the solutions combine the necessary processes and flows of the traditional pharmacy with the value-added, patient care and reimbursement requirements of the specialty pharmacy model.

ScriptMed Collaboration

ScriptMed Collaboration is the solution that allows web-based, secure interactive patient care workflows to be established among pharmacies, physicians, clinics, and other healthcare providers. Learn More

ScriptMed InterChange

The ScriptMed Interchange platform as a Service allows for the real-time, secure, workflow-enabled exchange of patient information among your Specialty Pharmacy Network partners. For additional added value, we can include longitudinal de-identified patient data tracking, reporting, and analytics. Learn More