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ScriptMed is an end-to-end technology platform specifically designed for the management of high-cost products, high-touch services, complex reimbursement models, and unified business processes. Our newest models allow optimal delivery of care across multiple dispensing venues.

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ScriptMed Specialty Pharmacy

Single platform for patient, prescription, referral, order fulfillment, clinical care management, inventory, pricing, billing, receivables and reporting.

ScriptMed SP Mail

ScriptMed SP Mail combines the necessary processes and flows of the high-volume mail order pharmacy operations with the value-added, integrated patient care, reimbursement, and service level requirements of the specialty pharmacy model.

ScriptMed Collaboration

ScriptMed Collaboration is the solution that allows web-based, secure interactive patient care workflows to be established among pharmacies, physicians, clinics, and other healthcare providers. Learn More

ScriptMed Coverage Helper - Eligibility

A key to initiating a benefit investigation is to ensure that all coverage is known. To facilitate the discovery of coverage, Coverage Helper supports a call to external eligibility data sources to assist with the identification of insurance coverage.

ScriptMed InterChange

The ScriptMed Interchange platform as a Service allows for the real-time, secure, workflow-enabled exchange of patient information among your Specialty Pharmacy Network partners. For additional added value, we can include longitudinal de-identified patient data tracking, reporting, and analytics. Learn More